PCP ToolBox Source Code Overview

Source Components

Source code access instructions can be found at - for the Multi-System ToolWorks project's CVS repository at SourceForge. The following table itemizes the CVS modules needed when building components of the PCP ToolBox.

CVS Modules
Module Description
Code Origin
Performance Co-Pilot pcp performance co-pilot sources Canonical sources obtained directly from SGI
PCPMon pcpmon pcp monitor application sources Sources obtained from Jesus Ortega
Jesus, in 2001 while at SGI, created the first RPM packages of the original pcpmon code written by Michal Kara -
glib native mac os X carbon glib framwork Canonical sources obtained directly from the GTK+OSX project at SourceForge
gdk native mac os X carbon gdk framwork
gtk native mac os X carbon gtk framework

Build Information

Build Information
CVS Modules
Performance Co-Pilot 2.5.0 pcp pcp_2_5_0-branch_macdev_alpha-a
PCPMon 1.3.4 pcpmon pcpmon-branch_macdev_alpha-c
glib glib-branch_macdev_alpha-a
gdk gdk-branch_macdev_alpha-a
gtk gtk-branch_macdev_alpha-a Logo