PCP 2.5.0 Build Information

PCP 2.5.0 Source Overview

The PCP 2.5.0 packages released by the Multi-System ToolWorks project contain modifications not found in SGI's original PCP 2.5.0 sources. Details of the individual changes can be found by visiting the CVS module links below. In general, the changes are:

Source Code Repository

Source code access instructions can be found at - for the Multi-System ToolWorks project's CVS repository at SourceForge. The following table itemizes the SourceForge CVS modules that comprise PCP 2.5.0.

CVS Modules
Performance Co-Pilot 2.5.0 pcp pcp_2_5_0-branch_macdev_alpha-a

Getting the Source

Building on Fedora 4

The canonical build procedure for PCP on Linux ( i.e. Makepkg ) does not work properly on Fedora 4 due to compilation errors, which are being investigated. The following workaround can be used to create an RPM package of PCP.

  1. Create an archive of the PCP sources obtained from SourceForge.
    1. cp -r pcp pcp-2.5.0
    2. tar -cf pcp-2.5.0.src.tar pcp-2.5.0
    3. gzip pcp-2.5.0.src.tar
  2. Obtain the original RedHat 9 PCP 2.5.0 source RPM package ( pcp-2.5.0-1.src.rpm ) from ftp:/
  3. Install the RH9 PCP source RPM package.
    1. rpm -i pcp-2.5.0-1.src.rpm
  4. Replace SGI's RH9 source payload with the archive of the SourceForge PCP sources made in step 1.
    1. cp pcp-2.5.0.src.tar.gz /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES
  5. Build binary and source RPM packages of the SourceForge PCP sources.
    1. cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS
    2. rpmbuild -ba pcp.spec
  6. You should now have a new binary rpm ( pcp-2.5.0-1.i386.rpm ) at /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386

Building on MacOS X

A custom shell script ( i.e. Macpkg ) is used to build PCP on MacOS X; Xcode is not used.

  1. cd pcp
  2. If you are building on MacOS 10.3.x, skip to step 4. On MacOS 10.4.x, there are compilation problems that occur with gcc 4.0, which are being investigated. To work around those problems, use the gcc 3.3 tool chain to build PCP on MacOS 10.4.x
    1. gcc_select 3.3
  3. For building a package on MacOS 10.4.x, the installer files need to have their embedded revision numbers changed. This is because the installer files at CVS tag pcp_2_5_0-branch_macdev_alpha-a contain 10.3.x revision numbers. The files that need to be changed are:
    1. os-pkg-files/mac/IFRequirement.strings
    2. os-pkg-files/mac/Description.plist
    3. os-pkg-files/mac/Info.plist
    4. os-pkg-files/mac/English.lproj/Welcome.txt
  4. ./Macpkg
  5. You should now have a binary package of pcp ( i.e. pcp.pkg ) in ./build/mac Logo